We're not holding our breath on this, but the long-long-long-in-development remake/re-adaptation of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty could end up in production finally with Sacha Baron Cohen as the titular daydreamer. Pajiba's inside source claims the chameleon-like Borat star has been offered the role, which previously had Jim Carrey, Owen Wilson and Mike Myers attached. If Cohen accepts 20th Century Fox's bid, he'll take on a role originating from a 1939 James Thurber story and previously portrayed by Danny Kaye in a 1947 film.

Outside the three movies based on his TV characters, Cohen has not been front and center on the big screen. Could he even carry this movie? And should he be worried about being connected to the project in any way? The three actors previously linked to the redo are a who's who of comic talent gone sour, and there's no reason to think Cohen won't follow suit. If he signs on, we can expect another two or three years to go by until a new casting rumor or announcement replaces him with the latest funnyman-of-the-hour.
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