When I first heard that Dark Horse Comics acquired the Hammer Films license, my mind reeled at the possibilities. An on-going Victor Frankenstein series using the likeness of Peter Cushing? A Christopher LeeDracula monthly title? A graphic novel based on One Million Years B.C.? Or how about a mini-series sequel to Curse of the Werewolf? The mind reels.

I was slightly disappointed that, according to Hollywood Reporter, their first venture will be a spin-off of the English-language version of Let the Right One In (re-titled Let Me In). I liked the original Swedish film, an unlikely story of friendship between a young outcast and a vampire. I expect the remake to be decent, at the very least, but there's so much more they could get from the license than film marketing tie-ins. I mean, it makes sense in a quick buck kind of way, but a book based on one of their classics would have me at the comic shop on the first day of release. I can't say the same about Let Me In.

Let Me In will be written by Marc Andreyko and probably timed for release with the film, sometime in late September/early October 2010.

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