I've been anxiously counting down the hours until this evening so we could all finally talk about the Horror Squad Movie Club pick of the week, David Cronenberg's Scanners. I'm really excited to discuss this particular film, so much so that I had to force myself to stop writing about it so there would be things left for everyone else to say. I'm a huge Cronenberg fan and hadn't seen Scanners in years. Seeing it again was like viewing it in a whole new light for me -- a very favorable one.

Scanners isn't your typical Cronenberg outing. The common themes and ideas are there, but they're not as overt as they are in many of his other titles. Instead, Scanners is a film that finds Cronenberg branching out a bit, looking at things he's always examined (mutation, for example) in new and slightly different ways. There are countless things to talk about when it comes to the film, but I've focused on the physicality of psychological concepts and the ways in which Cronenberg contradicts this, the modernism that colors the movie as a whole, and ideas about sexuality, masculinity and control. Don't worry, though -- there will still be plenty of opportunities to talk about exploding heads, the amazing computer technology of 1981, and what a badass Michael Ironside is. That's the beauty of Scanners -- it works on a lot of different levels.

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