What fresh hell is this? Variety is reporting that a group of investors has picked up the rights to Kahlil Gibran's The Prophet, a book of prose poems about a wandering prophet who offers his wisdom to the people he meets: insights on friendship, love, marriage, and other topics. Those investors are hoping to bundle the insightful chapters into "an omnibus-style 3D-animated film," which will be developed by different groups of animators around the world.

The team behind the project isn't inspiring any faith in me, either. Clark Peterson, who is co-producing with Ron Senkowski, has Monster on his resume but has otherwise produced some rather iffy projects, like Dim Sum Funeral with Bai Ling. (He's also attached to the terminally in limbo James Ellroy adaptation White Jazz.) Investor Steve Hanson and William Nix will be working as executive producers on the project.

Will this project ever actually come together, or will it float around as a half-baked idea for years, like, say, White Jazz? On one hand, the idea sounds like something two philosophy majors came up with late one night when they were high. ("Wouldn't it be sooo cool if we made The Prophet into, like, a 3D movie, man?" "Yeah! That would be righteous!") On the other, it's at least an interesting idea with tons of possibilities, given enough freedom and cash.

This website has The Prophet online in what I think is its entirety. Perhaps this project could end up like Koyaanisqatsi or Baraka or even 1 Giant Leap; the latter especially lends itself to comparison as it is literally broken up into chapters on the same topics that Gibran touches on. (And if you haven't seen it, please check it out. I love that film.) Will this currently hypothetical project ever come to fruition? And if you had the reigns, what would the end result look like?
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