Despite early estimates suggesting that newcomer 'Kick-Ass' got burned by a resurgent 'How to Train Your Dragon' in the weekend box office race, final numbers show that 'Kick-Ass' managed to kick it up a notch to eke out a slim victory over 'Dragon.' It's the second week in a row that a close box office race on Sunday had to be recounted on Monday, with a new winner declared.

Sunday's figures from Exhibitor relations estimated a $20 million tally for Paramount/DreamWorks Animation's 'Dragon,' now in its fourth week of release, compared to a $19.75 million opening for Lionsgate's 'Kick-Ass.'

On Monday, however, according to the Hollywood Reporter, Lionsgate raised the superhero satire's estimated take by just $50,000, for a total of $19.8 million, while Paramount revised its estimate for the 3-D cartoon downward by $400,000, for a total of $19.6 million for the weekend (and $158.2 million over four weeks). What looked like a second-place finish for 'Kick-Ass,' by a margin of $250,000, became a $200,000 victory instead.