Critics (more than audiences) this weekend were enthusiastic about Matthew Vaughn's superhero-wannabe flick, Kick-Ass. The online faction revved up the hype with words from CHUD's Devin Faraci like "Hitgirl is going to be a f*cking phenomenon" and AICN's Steve Prokopy calling it "a glorious punch to the nards." Lionsgate left their early support group behind though in the ads to trot out the usual suspects like Peter Travers("a roaring blast of energy! It dares you to dive into its anarchy!") and Jeffrey Lyons("Never a dull moment! The action sequences are beyond belief!") I suppose to show that the old fuddy-duddys can be hip too. Even Pete Hammond was seen in the commercials as saying "Move over Iron Man." Um, move over where?

My thoughts on Kick-Ass as a wildly flawed film notwithstanding ... are fans of the film already willing to throw away Jon Favreau's take on Tony Stark? On the eve of a sequel no less? Or is Pete Hammond as Ricky Gervais might say "talking sh*t" again? We're less than two years removed from the $300 million-plus smash that may just have spawned a second chapter ready to top the box office for 2010. And you want him to move over, Pete? Move over how? Precisely what is the context of that statement? Are you suggesting that Kick-Ass is going to challenge Iron Man's box office grosses? Do you want the film's most underwhelming (albeit titular) character to take on the war in the Middle East? Or is it the implication that you believe Kick-Ass to be a better film than Iron Man? There may be some in-the-moment love for Dave Lizewski, but I would be seriously surprised if the comic book fans alone would go on the record against Stark industries.

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