Peter JacksonWhen Alice Sebold's best-selling novel 'The Lovely Bones' was being adapted to the big screen by Peter Jackson, speculation ran rampant about what the 'Lord of the Rings' director would do with the story of a young girl's brutal rape, murder and subsequent journey through the afterlife.

Jackson's film, which was released on Dec. 11, 2009, received mixed reviews, but garnered acclaim for its acting (from leads Saiorse Ronan and Stanley Tucci, who was nominated for an Academy Award) and imaginative filmmaking, particularly the sequences in which Susie Salmon roams the "in between" and tries to make sense of her death.

With the release of 'The Lovely Bones' on DVD this Tuesday, Jackson took a few moments to speak with us about those afterlife sequences, the marketing of the film, and the challenges of directing a guy who plays a murderous pedophile -- oh, and we managed to sneak in a question or two about 'The Hobbit,' too. (Read just the Hobbitsy bits here.)

The DVD and Blu-ray of 'The Lovely Bones' are available on April 20.
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