When Earth Becomes An Arena... Murder Becomes A Way Of Life

Like many of the low-budget genre flicks that came out of Italy in the early 80s, 2020: Freedom Fighters (which inexplicably is not a sequel to 2019: After The Fall of New York) went by several alternate titles, including the quite silly One Eye Force. (Ooh, look out! Those guys only have one eye!)

But as a life-long Texan, the alternative title that sounds the most intriguing is the title that IMDB claims the film went by in Finland: Texas vs. 2000. I'm not sure whether Texas is battling 2000 people or the actual year 2000 in that scenario, but in either case, I've got my money on Texas, y'all.

Click through to see the film's incredible painted VHS cover art, the highlight of which is a very upset woman on the back of a motorcycle holding a massive gun in perhaps the most wrong way possible. Seriously. Check it out and take a minute to think through the number of steps it'd take for her to get that gun into a battle-ready position.
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