Spike Lee had his greatest box office success four years ago, with the heist thriller Inside Man, and ever since there had been plans for the filmmaker to do a sequel. However, during a recent live chat on ESPN.com (via The Playlist), Lee revealed that Inside Man 2"didn't work out." No worries, though, as his next "joint" could very well be as lucrative, provided the world is still into the legacy of the King of Pop.

This potential next project is titled Brooklyn Loves Michael Jackson and according to Showbiz 411, Lee has already cast Samuel L. Jackson, John Turturro, Julianne Moore and Rosie Perez. Also, Anthony Mackie and Kerry Washington are reportedly in talks to join the ensemble. There's word out that the script has a Do the Right Thingconnection, but the listed actors don't appear to be reprising their roles from that 21-year-old classic, and this isn't being labeled a sequel.
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