Dread Central gave us the heads up last week regarding an online clip for the newest Syfy Channel Original Film. I have to give pause and listen close to see if I can hear the distant giddy cheering of one Peter S. Hall when I state that the title of this film is Mongolian Death Worm. I know what you are all thinking: racist. When are people going to learn that there is more to Mongolia than just its giant death worms. The clip is available on Hulu as well as past the bump and if it doesn't get you pumped for the the film's May 8th premiere...congratulations, you have a brain in your head. For full details, peep the original story here.

In the clip we see a very beefy Sean Patrick Flanery (The Boondock Saints) lackadaisically firing rounds at "Mongolians" holding his dopey friends hostage. Is it me or does Syfy use this same clearing for all of its big showdowns? The kidnappers are then eaten by what look like pissed off tape worms. I have to say the monsters are not the worst-looking creations born of the demented Syfy channel's collective mind. The final kill of the clip, at first, seems completely satisfying. But then, Syfy's penchant for atrocious CG rears its wormy head again and the guys legs kicking and flailing look totally bogus. Oh no, the Mongolian death worm is eating my Sim!
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