A recent piece of news from Blu-ray.com has filled me with so much excitement I feel I may burst. We will be getting a Blu-ray release of all four Alien films come Christmas which in and of itself is fantastic news. But rumor has it the Polish Blu-ray release offers a little something extra for the hardcore fans. They are apparently releasing the mother of all special editions that, if it actually sees the light of day, would be the crown jewel of any geek's collection. The mock-ups show the entire box set encompassed in an all-too-familiar egg. As if a gift from the Space Jockey's personal cargo, this beautifully crafted box makes my mouth water with acidy anticipation.

Details are sketchy as to specs or release date or if this is even going to happen at all. But frankly the very idea that this could possibly exist is enough to rev my geek engine. Pop over to Blu-ray.com for the info on both the confirmed AmericanAlien Blu-ray and the speculative Polish release. If the incredibly awesome special editions are released in Poland, I don't care if I have to sign my life over to Weyland-Yutani, I am importing it! Jump past the bump to see what I am raving about.
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