- The Razzie Awards have kindly asked Sandra Bullock to return the Razzie they honored her with for her performance in All About Steve. This has nothing to do with them re-evaluating her as the worst actress of 2009 nor is it because of her recent marital troubles. No, the brilliant and judgmental minds behind the Razzie Awards accidentally gave her the original, 30-year old trophy and not one of the cheap replicas they normally award their winners.

- I am not surprised in the least at the news that Lionsgate is doing re-shoots on Buried, the Ryan-Reynolds-in-a-coffin movie they purchased from Sundance. Because the best thing to do when buying a film people already love is to start altering it by adding footage...

- Have an iPhone? Love Star Wars? Star Wars Cantina should do a well enough job of wasting idle time.

- Been wondering what actor Jim Sturgess has been up to since Across the Universe and 21? Heartless, that's what, and it actually looks pretty great.
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