David Hackl, the long-time production designer on the Saw franchise and director of part V, may have been blindsided when Lionsgate took away directing duties for Saw 7 (the first of the film's to be shot in 3D), but fortunately for him that was just a temporary set back. Shock till you Drop tells us that Hackl is back on the directing horse with an adaptation of Vince Churchill's novel The Butcher Bride. I haven't read the story myself, but the synopsis for it on Amazon's page certainly sounds full of cinematic promise:

"Thirty years ago, a depraved assault during a Halloween costume ball shattered a young woman's mind, turning her into a brutal mass murderer. Dressed in her rival's blood-soaked wedding gown, the legend of the Butcher Bride was born. Now, decades later, everyone who enters the Silas Mansion will encounter a frightening spirit ravenous to satisfy perverse appetites. Death is the only escape. Here comes The Bride... "

There's no studio lined up to distribute the film, but that's hardly a roadblock to production. Screenwriter J.R. Reher has already finished the script and tells Shock precisely why he felt he had to immediately option the story after reading the book. And while I couldn't find actual confirmation that The Butcher Bride will be filmed in 3D, Hackl tells Shock that his prep work for Saw VII 3D gave him a love for the added depth that he thinks is a perfect fit for Churchill's story, so don't be surprised if you're expected to watch the film with a pair pf special specs whenever it does comes along.
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