You may have noticed that this morning's posts started off with a list of some favorite pot movies straight from William Goss. it is 4/20 after all -- the "high" holiday. In his piece, Goss chose to delight in the stoned face of Anna Faris and Smiley Face ... and guess what? It's one of the free flicks available over at SlashControl!

Gregg Araki's film was sadly tossed aside (although Jette, Erik, and myself dug it) back in 2007-2008; it barely got an ultra-limited release before being tossed off to DVD and forgotten. But it's actually a hell of a lot worthier than much of the schlock that's gifted with a wide release.

The film stars Anna Faris as Jane -- an aspiring actress, slacker, and stoner who binges on a pile of cupcakes her roommate (Danny Masterson) made for a party. Unfortunately, said cupcakes were chock-full of weed, sending her on an adventure that crosses paths with Adam Brody, Glee stars Jane Lynch and Jayma Mays, John Krasinski, Danny Trejo, John Cho, and even William Zabka -- you know, Johnny Lawrence from The Karate Kid.

Need I write more? It's one of Faris' best roles, it's free, and it's Weed Day.

Whether you're smoking up or stone-cold sober, head over to SlashControl and watch Smiley Face!
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