I wish I knew more about Japanese superhero shows. As a kid, I was never into any of the original live-action or anime shows of the '70s and '80s (or their English counterparts) that seem to be on the tips of everyone's tongues these days due to impending big screen adaptations. So whenever someone starts talking about shows like Voltron, Ultraman, or Gatchaman, I sadly just keep quiet and nod along accordingly.

Because I don't have that nostalgic love for Japanese superheros, I'm at loss when it comes to getting excited for re-imaginings of these classic animation icons. And that's kind of a bummer because the concepts and promises behind some of these re-imaginings are quite cool; I just wish I could get as giddy for them as some people do. The latest one to emerge is a trailer for a CGI Gatchaman film that the world will, likely, never see.

Twitch dug up the promotional material, which they believe would have first been seen back in 2007 at the HK Filmart. At one point Kevin Munroe, director of the CGI TMNT movie of the same year, was attached to direct, though Twitch point out he left the project due to creative differences. Even if he had stayed on, Imagi, the animation studio that owns Gatchaman, entered a period of great financial trouble which essentially sank the possibility of a new film based on the team of ninja heroes. But left behind in the film's wake is its original sales trailer, which looks like it would have been a lot of fun.
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