Finally! A new look at an old, scarred, drunken DC favorite, Jonah Hex! Warner Bros released an official, high-res photo of Josh Brolin as the deadly gunslinger today, and has confirmed that we'll be seeing the first trailer on April 30 with A Nightmare On Elm Street. I imagine it will be online shortly after -- or possibly sooner with the way these things tend to jump the gun in the digital era.

The high-res version of the photo is in our gallery, courtesy of Superhero Hype. I love it. I know a lot of fans wanted CGI make-up in order to capture Hex's crazy, bulging eye, but I still favor the practical approach. Having a real gaping hole in one's cheek can add a lot to a performance. Hex's deformities inform his behavior in a lot of ways, and I think Brolin actually feeling that will make him one hell of a Jonah Hex. He was pretty vocal about how much he hated the make-up when we talked to him at San Diego ComicCon last year, and implied it made him extra snarly.

I'm really excited for this film. I'm concerned about the whispers and delays, but it's still on my calender, and I suspect it may surprise us all. And this photo is going straight to my desktop. What can I say? I love a man with a good, mean sneer and I'm jealous Megan Fox gets to romance it.

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