After years of defending the Marvel Universe from countless villains, Tony Stark may have just met his match. What threat could possibly ground the supposedly invincible Iron Man? No, it's not Galactus. It's that Icelandic Volcano.

The massive ash cloud currently stalking the skies of Europe has forced the cancellation of Iron Man 2's London premiere. That's a bizarrely apocalyptic sentence, isn't it? The volcano also hindered the European charity premiere of The Last Song, kept European bands from making it to the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, made Bryan Adams accept a Juno Award via satellite, prevented A Single Man director Tom Ford from attending the GLAAD Media Awards and forced several international athletes to drop out of the Boston Marathon. Now, movie fans can officially start worrying about the upcoming Cannes Film Festival. Will the ash cloud be gone by then? For the love of God, does this volcano not know mercy?

Talk about epic first world problems. Where's a real Iron Man when you need him?

Iron Man 2will now hold its premiere in the smoggy-but-not-ashy Los Angeles and international distribution of the film should remain unaffected since prints were sent out for dubbing several weeks ago (not to mention the new-fangled concept of digital distribution through satellites). Although Iron Man had to abandon Europe to this Icelandic supervillain, we can all take solace in knowing that he'll be back on our movie screens in just a few weeks...if we all don't die from choking on volcano ash, that is.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)
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