There's always something exciting about an actor or filmmaker who wants to do more, or be more, than the sum total of his or her success. Curiously, this seems to happen less and less frequently, although perhaps a shortage of ambition is understandable when one can play essentially the same role or make the same kinds of movies over and over again and make a lot of money doing so. But when Jonah Hill devoted the lion's share of an interview on the set of Get Him to the Greek last year to discussing his ambitions to write, produce and direct, it felt more than vaguely inspiring to see the successful young comedian and actor admit that being a funny guy on film wasn't enough for him.

Along with two other online journalists, Cinematical visited the set of Get Him to the Greek last summer and sat down at significant length to talk with Hill, who plays a record-label lackey enlisted to shepherd a drug-addled rock star (played by Russell Brand) to a last-ditch, career-saving performance. Although our initial conversation turned to thoughts of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, which we'd seen just days earlier, the discussion quickly evolved into a more thoughtful examination of Hill's present and future career, where he hopes to move more actively into working behind the camera rather than just in front of it.