Show business is booming today, as directors Greg Mottola, David Hackl and Stephan Elliott have all found their next projects.

Movieweb reports that Greg Mottola ('Adventureland') will be directing 'Important Artifacts,' an adaptation of Leanne Shapton's book, 'Important Artifacts and Personal Property From the Collection of Lenore Doolan and Harold Morris, Including Books, Street Fashion and Jewelry.' The film will follow the four-year romance between a photographer (Brad Pitt) and a younger food columnist (Natalie Portman).

This marks yet another high-profile project for Mottola (pictured), whose films include the smash comedy 'Superbad.' He's currently in post-production of the comedy 'Paul,' written by and starring Nick Frost and Simon Pegg ('Shaun of the Dead').
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