• Mike Moody breaks down this week's list of sci-fi related DVDs/Blu-rays. Surprisingly more than just Avatar is coming out this week.
  • If you were a fan of the Japanese superhero show Gatchaman growing up, this trailer for a CGI re-imagining of the show should spark your interest. Just don't get your hopes too high, the film may never actually enter production.
  • Jacob shares word that Kirsten Dunst is set to star in Lars Von Trier's "disaster sci-fi movie" Melancholia.
  • The Discovery Channel will soon be launching a new reality show called Weird or What about strange-but-true science. The host? William Shatner, of course.
  • After the Fall of New York ushers in Brian Salisbury's new recurring feature called Aftermath Monday which will be taking a look at the apocalypse on a weekly basis.
  • If this rumor is true, someone has already leaked the details of Stan Lee's cameo in the upcoming Thor movie.
  • Start saving all the coin you've got, this Polish collector's edition of the Alien series on Blu-ray demands to be purchased.
  • Marvel is rebooting X-Men in the comics world. That's not abnormal considering re-launches happen all the time, but it is strange to think that a new generation of fans will grow up with an X-Men team that consists of Spider-Man, Blade and Elektra.
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