Solar Warriors(1986) was the title that Solarbabies went by when it was released in Sweden. Raise you hand if you think the Swedes got the better end of that deal. All of you? That's what I thought.

Anyway, Solar Warriorsis about a fantastic killing robot named Terminac, a "multi-capable masterpiece" who can "squeeze the color from a ruby or deftly pluck the eye from a living bird." Check it out:

Actually, scratch that. Terminac is barely in the movie (I know, right?), and ends up posing almost no threat to the "heroes" of the film, a roller-skating band of youngsters who try to use a sentient glowing energy ball named Bodhi to unleash their post-apocalyptic world's water supply. They also spend a lot of time doing things like this:


Click through for the film's Swedish VHS Cover. My favorite thing about this particular box is the video-store sticker on its spine. If I ever open a video store (or a movie theater, for that matter), I'm going to strongly consider naming it Filmbutiken Videoplinkten.
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