william shatnerGet ready for an extra-gooey triple scoop of William Shatner heading to your TV next season. The former captain of the Starship Enterprise is busy hosting his awesome cable chat show every week, but that hasn't stopped him from boarding a few more geek-friendly projects.

In February, Señor Shat was cast as the dad in the CBS pilot Sh*t My Dad Says, a project so buzzed-about that it's sure to earn a series order. Now comes word that he's signed to host Weird or What, a new Discovery Channel reality show that probes the world of, well, weird science.

According to Variety,Weird will "examine and analyze some of the weirdest unsolved cases around the world." Shatner says to expect a "light-hearted" and "jaunty" show that will explore fun stuff life haunted houses, medical oddities and bizarre natural disasters.

He might have lost the captain's chair to Kirk 2.0, Chris Pine, but it sounds like Shatner is still having a blast exploring the strange and surprises the universe has to offer.
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