Cinematical's Spin-ematical: New on DVD and Blu-ray for 04/20: 'Avatar,' 'Crazy Heart,' 'The Lovely Bones'

Three films that are, in my opinion, fatally flawed, yet all worth seeing for certain redeeming features.

I saw this first in 2-D, intending to glory in the 3-D experience after the crowds died down, and felt so deflated that I never went back. James Cameron's film may be a great technical achievement, but the script, much like Titanic, pounds home the obvious with no subtlety or tact, eliciting little empathy for the one-dimensional characters. But worth seeing for the splendid visuals. Rent it. (Out on Thursday, 04/22.)

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Crazy Heart
Jeffrey Bridges' outstanding performance makes it my pick of the week. He wears his character -- a washed-up singer -- like a beat-up pair of loafers. The story follows predictable beats: last-chance romance with a younger woman (Maggie Gyllenhaal), reconciliation with a former protege (Colin Farrell), resuscitation of a dead career. Yet Bridges rises above it all with grace and honesty. Rent it.

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The Lovely Bones
An admirable failure from Peter Jackson. Truth be told, Alice Sebold's novel would have been more effective without Jackson. As I wrote before: "Jackson is so in love with the material and the premise that he can't resist expanding upon its themes, conflating them with his own ideas on grief, mortality, and the rich fantasy life of teenage girls. The film veers uneasily between entrancing poetry and wrongheaded melodrama, stopping along the way for left-field slapstick and old school cheap thrills." Frustrating, yes, but still a fascinating experience. Rent it.

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