DownfallConstantin Films, the distributor of the 2004 critically acclaimed film 'Downfall,' is putting a stop to the popular Internet meme 'Hitler Reacts To ...', citing copyright infringement.

According to TechCrunch, the studio put its foot down after a meme popped up poking fun at the new iPhone 4G news.

"We as a corporation have a bit of an ambivalent view of it," Martin Moszkowicz, an executive at Constantin Film, told the BBC. "On the one hand, we are proud the picture has such a huge fan base and that people are using it for parody. On the other hand, we are trying to protect the artists."

The meme features a scene from the film, in which Hitler (Bruno Ganz) learns he cannot win the war. His dialogue is then dubbed with new subtitles, depicting various pop culture moments.

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