This week, we've got two '80s flicks and one Hitchcock classic:

Our Alison Nastasi picked David Cronenberg's Scanners over at Horror Squad. She noted: "Ultimately, Scanners is about the fear of losing oneself -- the loss of control and the quest for domination. The lack of overt sexuality, emotional suffering and visible bodily anxieties in Scanners, doesn't preclude Cronenberg from exploring these themes -- and masculinity is the channel he funnels them through." She's super-giddy about discussing this pick, so head over there and leave your thoughts and comments.

Maxim Pozderac, meanwhile, picked Flight of the Navigator for SciFi Squad's Movie Club. He wrote: "If you watched this film today with kids, I guarantee they'd be entertained. Some of the references might need to be explained, but they'll definitely go along with the emotional rollercoaster that is Flight of the Navigator. While the film's not flawless, it rarely stumbles."

Finally, I tackled my favorite Alfred Hitchcock film, Rear Window. From the post: "Except for a few key scenes during the film's climax, the camera is trapped inside that room, moving just as desperately as Jeffries' eyes. It continually scans the courtyard, lingering on the lives moving full-speed ahead, and suffering the solitude and seclusion of being tied to one space."

Tune into the Squads this Friday for next week's picks, and to Cinematical Friday night for discussion of Rian Johnson's The Brothers Bloom.
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