Yesterday marked the 17th anniversary of the tragedy in Waco, Texas. After a botched raid on the Branch Davidian compound by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, a tense 51-day standoff ensued. News crews recorded seemingly every moment of the showdown between the US Government and Davidian leader David Koresh -- including the last moments, when the compound caught fire. When the blaze was finally extinguished, more than 75 people were dead, including Koresh. Documentaries have probed into the events at Waco for years now (Waco: The Rules of Engagement is particularly fascinating), but we've yet to see a fictionalized accounting of the events of that winter and spring. That's about to change.

Production Weekly
is reporting that director Rupert Wainwright will direct Waco, "the first narrative feature film to explore the events of the ATF raid on Mt. Carmel, TX, the 51-day siege that followed, and the devastating compound fire that resulted in the deaths of 81 civilians." The film is set to present the tale from multiple viewpoints, "cutting between ATF special agents, FBI Negotiators, the Davidians on the inside, the tactical Hostage Rescue Team leaders, and the political machinations in Washington DC."