District 9Who can forget the neurotic charms of Wikus van de Merwe, the main character played by Sharlto Copley in Neill Blomkamp's science-fiction film District 9? Apparently Copley isn't quite ready to put the character away, and that's just fine with me. Copley reprised his role as the South African bureaucrat for a short video that was screened during the South African Music Awards (aka the SAMAs) last weekend. In the video, Wikus considers himself one of South Africa's new movie stars -- he's more like the Wikus from the beginning of District 9 than the end, if you understand me -- and has decided that he should find another star to co-present one of the SAMAs with him. He picks Charlize Theron, who also hails from South Africa, but is not exactly easy for him to track down.

Many of us here in the U.S. may have missed the SAMAs, but thanks to Funny or Die, we can still watch this amusing little film, which Funny or Die has titled Wikus and Charlize. In fact, we even get an extra bit after the credits that wasn't in the original video when it was supposedly broadcast live during the award ceremony. (I say "supposedly" because I can't find a news article confirming that the video was part of the awards -- I have to trust Funny or Die on this one.) It's probably only funny if you saw District 9, so if you haven't seen the movie yet, go rent it, watch it, and then come back and see the video. It's embedded after the jump.
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