Last week I brought you the hilarious mismatch of rock and horror that was Dokken's "Dream Warriors" video. If you thought that was the bottom of the barrel as far as pop music horror promotion was concerned, I'm sorry to shatter that lowered expectation with this little nugget. Apparently with 1988's A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master, some marketing genius decided to enlist the hip hop group that he perceived as having the most staying power of any on the scene, The Fat Boys, and slap together a music video that would run just enough times on MTV to capture the teen market with whom these films had already found purchase. The offspring of this unholy union was "Are You Ready for Freddy." Jump past the bump if you dare witness the ultimate nightmare.

I have a few questions for you Mr. The Fat Boys. First, should Robert Englund really be able to out-rap you in your own video? Also, if you are going to sample soundbites from the film, why not find an interesting way to tie in the theme song? Will Smith did it with "Nightmare on My Street"; which would have been spotlighted instead of this garbage had there been a video for it. Also, if you're going to call back to the last film, why highlight the TV kill; possibly the lamest of the threequel. And is the reason I can't stop Freddy really because he's cool as ice (erroneous) or because, according to you, he's putting on the Ritz? What?! Also, Mr. Krueger, what's with the I Dream of Jeanine pose? In summation, I am ready for go the hell away!
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