Now you might remember in my last installment of Scenes (Songs) We Love, I made mention of a certain category in my personal movie soundtrack collection: Bad Movies with Good Music. Well, that thought has been sticking with me every since, because if I took a long hard look at my soundtracks, I have my fair share of contenders with that title, and over the years, I have come across some pretty awesome musical selections thanks to some pretty crappy movies. I truly believe that music is one of the most important elements in a film, and while most of critics tend to focus on original scores; not me, because I am a big fan of the movie soundtrack with songs that have a life outside of the box office, and that's what today's discussion is all about.

Now there has yet to be a soundtrack that was so wonderful that it could make me forget about the film it came along with, but I'm not a throw the baby out with the bathwater type of gal, so if I like a song there isn't much anyone can do to stop me from cranking up the volume. Besides, at least a good song in a bad movie gives you a few minutes of pleasure in an otherwise wasted couple of hours. But then again, there is the flip side when a movie is so bad that it manages to ruin a song that you used to love.

So before we get started on some of my examples of Good Music in Bad Movies, I'm going to lay out some ground rules -- well one rule, really, because just like with any list, there is never enough time or space to include everybody. So, I decided to keep my examples to films that came out in the golden age of the soundtrack album: the 90's. Which does mean that some of the more recent mind-bending duos like Thom Yorke and New Moon didn't make the cut, but that's where you are going to come in, so let's begin:

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