One of the best things about horror blogging is the variation. Each blog, each individual writer approaches the genre in a unique way, extending from a fan's simple commentary on the subject to horror in academia. Of course, there are still those who prefer to focus on a single subgenre, such as slashers, with each site providing their own unique take while occasionally straying into broader territory. Then there are the niche sites, such as Cory Casciato's Inevitable Zombie Apocalypse. If you're a fan of zombies, then IZA should be required reading.

Transcending the typical horror blogging format and preferring instead to combine the latest zombie news with reviews, commentary and a repository for anything and all things zombie in entertainment, Cory Casciato's love of the genre has what can only be described as a unique and, I suppose, rather morbid start. Like many, he simply finds the undead "awesome;" unlike others, however, his interest in the walking dead "exist(s) at the nexus of my interests in apocalyptic thought, the horror being overwhelmed by The Other and scenes of cannibalistic disembowelment." This love was parlayed into blog form after spending the entire month of June '08 watching one zombie movie a day, a tradition he plans on continuing every year.

One of Cory's major themes is featuring anything and everything related to zombies in fashion. While the bulk of the entries highlight zombies on t-shirts (of which the internet is overflowing), the highlight lies with the custom-made, hand-painted Plants vs. Zombies sneakers. Sadly, they're were a custom job for the creator's girlfriend, so unfortunately there is little chance of you sporting your favorite zombie-themed internet game on your shoes anytime in the future. While the feature is relatively slim at the moment in terms of content (he only started it February), Cory's consistency with quality updates makes Inevitable Zombie Apocalypse a site destined for your RSS feed.

When asked what makes his site unique, Cory responded, "I try to include both intellectual and aesthetic perspectives, high brown and low brow, because I enjoy the material on all those levels. It's great that zombie movies are so often a vehicle for social commentary, but it's also great that they so often include graphic depictions of disembowelment. It's a win-win, really."

Remind me not to have him over for dinner any time soon.
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