With Gilligan's Island getting a new pack of 3-hour tourists, there's not much '60sTV fare for Hollywood to revisit ... except for the long-gestating I Dream of Jeannie. Five years ago, the project boasted Jessica Alba and Jimmy Fallon. Two years ago, there was a new pitch. Now, The Los Angeles Times reports that Sony has grabbed The United States of Tara scribe Sheila Callaghan to give her twist on the story.

We've been here before. That new pitch from Rita Hsiao in '08 was said to have "a terrific, bright, fresh approach," so has the project really moved forward? Here's the thing -- Hsiao's pen hit paper for Mulan and Toy Story 2. Callaghan, on the other hand, has got the Diablo Cody show and no features under her belt, but she did make a name for herself as a New York playwright who has tackled a retelling of James Joyce's Ulysses and a Reagan-era, vino-centric romance. In other words, she might just be the writer to prevent us from spewing hatred at some antiquated remake full of "Yes, Master/No, Master" trappings.

See, the problem has always been how to update it. Watching a scantily clad woman who lives in a bottle and gleefully serves her man isn't very modern, but now they've got a scribe who's dealt with feminist themes, and one would assume, who wouldn't fall into the Jeannie trap. That being said: Just how do you take a story about a happy, subservient Jeannie and turn it into something modern and sexist-free? Is it possible, or will Jeannie stay locked in her bottle of development hell?
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