He got his start in Aussie television, but as soon as Liam Hemsworth headed to the States, his movie career kicked into overdrive. He grabbed a part in Alex Proyas' Knowing last year, followed it up with some Triangle horror (which Horror Squad recently covered as a Movie Club pick), then he switched things up wildly, starring in some Nicholas Sparks romance with Miley Cyrus. Last month he grabbed the lead in the upcoming Arabian Nights, and now, The Wrap reports that he's circling a Dennis Quaid-starring sports drama called The Throwback. His publicist confirms that he was offered the role, but wouldn't confirm if the actor has signed.

Yes, it's another sports drama, and I bet you can fill in many of the blanks without knowing another word. But not all of them -- this isn't your usual sports tale. The film focuses on the true story of Frank and Isaac Gildea, a father and son pair who played college basketball together. (The rights were picked up back in 2007.) As the story goes, Frank had dropped out of college in 1981 to take care of his family. Twenty years later, in a Back to School twist a la Dangerfield, dad returned to his alma mater, where his son was on the basketball team. "The elder Gildea was able to finish out his eligibility and join his son on the team that won the school's first conference championship in 27 years."

I'm in, not so much for the drama aspect, but the increasing desire to see how they handle a 56-year-old Quaid, in basketball duds, playing alongside kids in their late teens and early twenties. Good times!
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