One of my biggest pet peeves that comes with reading Hollywood news day in and day out is having to see the word "Hitchcockian" overused. Whether it's employed by a writer pitching his project, a studio describing a newly acquired script or a media outlet using the term in reporting on an otherwise formulaic-sounding wrong-man thriller, the practice needs to stop. Especially now that some people are spelling it "Hitchcock'ian."

First of all, I don't believe that a plot or even a script can be labeled such. For a movie to be Hitchcockian, in my opinion, it needs to look and act like a Hitchcock film, not just have themes commonly found in those films. Second, even if you wanted to use the term to describe a developing project like Craig Stiles' The Architect, which Production Weekly reports is being picked up by RKO, you're only making it worse for that film, which no way, no how will end up anywhere close to as good as a real Hitchcock.
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