The last time I wrote about Stretch Armstrong, my head was exploding because of how much I loathed the idea. Some time has passed and I've collected every cranial fragment and reconstructed my skull, but i still think a Stretch Armstrong movie sounds like the worst thing since the Third Reich. However, Universal Pictures looks ready to try to change my mind with their selection of writer and director.

Rob Letterman, co-director of Dreamworks Animation's Monsters vs Aliens, will sit in the director's chair and Nicholas Stoller, the co-writer of the very funny Forgetting Sarah Marshall, will work on the script. This allows me to jump to one conclusion: Stretch Armstrong will be a comedy, or at least an action movie with heavy comedic elements. This is definitely more palatable than a "serious" film about a man with a super-stretching ability (at least Mr. Fantastic was one of four characters with superpowers that couldn't carry an entire film on their own).
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