Kick-AssWelcome to the Moviefone Movie Club, where we pick a movie, see it and then discuss it with all of you. This week: 'Kick-Ass.'

It flew toward the weekend on a wave of buzz, and won the box office (barely) despite an R rating and recent controversy over its violence and language. But after all the hype and clamor, does 'Kick-Ass' live up to the most important barometer of all -- is it good?

That's what editors Patricia Chui, Mike Hess, Jason Kaufman and Kevin Polowy set out to explore in this edition of the Moviefone Movie Club. Sadly, we left our superhero outfits at home -- or maybe we're wearing them under our regular clothes -- but that doesn't stop us from using our mighty brains and tongues to discuss Roger Ebert's slam of the movie as "morally reprehensible," the breakout performance of Chloe Moretz (aka Hit-Girl), the comic-book nature of the violence and its suitability for kids, and our warring opinions on Nicolas Cage.

Do you agree with our thoughts, or disagree? Watch or listen to our Movie Club broadcast, then join in the discussion by telling us what you think.
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