Everything old is new again in Hollywood, where studios have taken to rebooting and remaking one classic film after another. However, it's not all about pillaging film vaults in search of ideas for the next big thing -- books are fair game as well. How else can you explain Warner Bros.' plans to remake the fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood as a gothic horror film?

Retitled The Girl With the Red Riding Hood (and not a sequel to The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo), the project has now landed its male lead. Actor Shiloh Fernandez has nabbed the role of Peter, an orphaned woodcutter, who falls in love with co-star Amanda Seyfried. The big bad wolf will take the form of a werewolf terrorizing Seyfried and her medieval village. Catherine Hardwicke, no stranger to teen romance horror flicks after directing Twilight, is set to direct.

THR's Heat Vision blog broke the news of Fernandez's casting, reporting that the young actor was required to read and screen test seven times before finally landing the part, a fact cited as proof that studios are being very selective when it comes to casting young stars in new projects.

Potential viewers concerned that the Hardwicke connection means we can expect Twilight in medieval times shouldn't worry. According to a Seyfried interview at MTV, Hardwicke has assured the actress that she has no intention of modeling The Girl With the Red Riding Hood after the wildly popular book and film franchise. I remain skeptical. There is a definite historical precedent for taking classic fairy tales and redefining them in a horror context. Snow White: A Tale of Terror took a crack at it (with mixed results), but it also featured Sigourney Weaver and Sam Neill. Would your rather see this as a gothic horror/werewolf movie or as a Twilight-esque flick?