If you watched the first part of South Park's celebratory 200th episode last week on Comedy Central, part of you might recall it as a reunion of sorts of all the beleaguered celebrities playfully torn a new one over the course of fourteen seasons on the air. While they gathered under the leadership of Tom Cruise to sue the town over all the insults they have endured, another part of you may have recognized the episode as its own satire of sitcoms that celebrate their own genius by rehashing clips and situations from previous shows. If you are an extremist radical member of a certain religious faction, its entirely possible your mind was focused on another aspect altogether. And it is not Scientology.

According to a report on CNN, a radical Islamic website posted a warning to Trey Parker and Matt Stone that they may be on the violent end of a retort for airing this particular episode. Were they just Jimmy Buffett fans upset at the implication that his music is nothing but "drunken fratboy monkey garbage" or disagreed that Tim Burton "hasn't had an original thought since Beetlejuice?" Unfortunately it is nothing so trivial and hilarious. Instead, once again it was an uproar over showing the Prophet Mohammed.

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