Some people just can't be reasoned with. Kayla is one of those people. She's built up a bit of notoriety around the internet, mostly with her wacky craft skills. See exhibit A) the Hamburger Bed. I was concerned at first that she might be disturbed. After discussing the Exorcist with her, now I'm sure of it. What you are about to see is me arguing with someone with a diseased brain.

Kayla and I launch a new Deadly Debate each month, where we argue the merits of horror films both known and obscure. The conceit here is that one of us takes the affirmative side and the other argues against it. Sometimes it can get tough, especially when I'm bickering against a film I genuinely love. But here? Kayla means it. She doesn't like the Exorcist. I'm still trying to wrap my Scotch-addled brain around that. Are there really any other horror fans out there who don't like this film? Explain yourself. I demand it! And stay where you are. Your IP address has been logged and we're sending some Horrorsquad folks over for your reprogramming.

So click past the jump and join in the fray.
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