Several weeks ago, a friend and I took off on a mini road trip for the weekend, but were met with disaster when her car broke down and we were stranded on a highway. Immediately, I thought to myself that it seemed like something out of a horror movie -- there was rain, it was night and we were both dressed for an evening's adventures and not the several hour hike back to civilization. We called for a tow truck and when the driver arrived it was like stepping into Large Marge's semi -- if Large Marge were a white supremacist and insisted on regaling us with perverted tales of his latest conquests as a means of hitting on you. I didn't expect to survive the experience.

Enter Patrik Syversen's (Rovdyr/Manhunt) film Prowl, for which Dread Central has the latest international one-sheet for. It features nefarious truck drivers and hungry creatures -- eeep! The film is part of the latest installment of original programming from After Dark Films, aptly titled After Dark Originals. ADO provides the group with full control of eight genre titles from script concept to final editing. Our own Peter Hall is as skeptical as I am about what the AD gang thinks works, but I'm definitely willing to give this one a shot.

When Amber sets out to start a new life in the big city, she persuades her friends to tag along while apartment hunting, but their car breaks down (of course). They hitch a ride with a truck driver to get help, but when he refuses to stop at their destination and they discover the semi is carrying cartons of blood, all hell breaks loose. The truck drops them off at an abandoned warehouse where bloodthirsty creatures await and the friends soon realize their terrifying fate.

Keep your eyes peeled for more Prowl and check out the teaser trailer after the jump.

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