To celebrate Earth Day, our friends at have put together a compilation of some of the best environmentally-themed films, including 'Blind Spot,''Fighting Goliath: Texas Coal Wars' and 'The Future of Food.' We're particularly partial, though, to 'Human Footprint,' a fascinating and entertaining look at "what makes up an average human life today and how everything we do has impact on the world around us."

The movie illustrates how every seemingly inconsequential action may have a vast and strong impact on yourself, society and the Earth. In 'Footprint,' you can see how much waste you'll produce in your lifetime, how much fuel you'll consume and how many people you'll know over the years (give or take a few). Far from preachy, 'Human Footprint' is more playful than preachy and makes you think about your everyday actions and the little things you can do to keep the Earth intact.
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