Four detectives investigating two random murders have begun to discover clues that the victims of these heinous crimes may actually be returning to avenge their own deaths. Now, in a race against time, they must discover those responsible for the murders and uncover the supernatural source behind the 'wakings'.

Raven Gregory, creator of the Wonderland series, launches a new four issue mini to cash in on the undead craze. (Is it still a craze? More like a sleepiness, at this point, no?). The Waking is a gritty urban story drenched in buckets of rain, murder, and profanity. Oh, and boobs. Every woman here has back-breakingly huge boobs. That seems to be the modus operandi of the publisher, Zenescope. Capital T. Capital A. I'm a fan of both of those letters of course, but there's something so very tawdry about it when used in a comic. It's ludicrously sexy and they wallow in it.

Take your time to look at some of the covers on Zenescope's homepage. You see bright colors and outrageously hot women with huge boobs. It makes it hard to take any of the content seriously. Maybe its just me. Maybe I'm missing the whole point since I'm so easily distracted by nipples. Lest I get dragged into a debate about sexiness invalidating intelligence, follow me past the jump, won't you?
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