I don't think there is a geek out there who will see this as anything but good news. Fox, the network who perpetually slaps around the fan community with series cancellations, time-slot swaps, and episode order shuffling, has decided that it is not going to make an Americanized version of the wildly popular UK Doctor Who spin-off show, Torchwood. There is a catch, though. Just because Fox is no longer interested in Americanizing the show about an elite team who specialize in extraterrestrial containment doesn't mean the BBC has lost interest.

The Hollywood Reporter
quotes BBC's VP of programming and production as saying a US version, "is very much ongoing and very much alive." Now considering the only network that had been linked to the project thus far has turned its back on the whole thing, 'very much alive' could just be public relations posturing in the case it does come back. Or the BBC could indeed be actively soliciting other bidders. They've already got a healthy relationship with Syfy (they're the ones Americanizing Being Human), so one would think that's the next logical target.

Regardless if Torchwood US is alive or dead, the BBC VP made one thing clear: "It may well be confusing to have a British Doctor and an American Doctor at the same time," she said. "There is only one Doctor, so I don't see that happening."
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