I'm trying to find an angle that makes this sound like good news, but after hearing rumblings that Sony execs were struck by the footage that they were shown (and then seeing quick denials or rather "approvals" from official spokespeople), I find small comfort in the studio's decision to bump The Green Hornet back from prime holiday real estate in December to the middle of January (the 14th, according to Variety).

The trade also says that the film, despite not being shot in 3-D, will be presented in the format (read: Clash of the Titans' reportedly crummy 'diorama effect'), and that part of the move to Martin Luther King weekend was to offer it on 3-D screens without being dominated by Tron: Legacy's release the week before.

If Box Office Mojo is to be believed, though, two other 3-D genre films -- Priest and The Cabin in the Woods -- have already called dibs. The latter was already delayed a whole year to be converted itself! Don't be surprised if one of these titles re-locates yet again (probably Priest, as Screen Gems falls under the Sony umbrella and doesn't stand to make as much or cost as much as Hornet would -- UPDATE:Priest has indeed been moved to 3/4/2011. Thanks, Mojo!).
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