It's been Star Wars Central here at Sci-Fi Squad. Between the word of a new Star Wars comedy TV series, scenes from the fan project Star Wars: Uncut, an elaborate defense of Lando Calrissian, news about about the series finally hitting Blu-Ray, a piece about the Top 10 Star Wars Moviegoing Moments, and my "pompous, self-absorbed" break-up with the series, it seems that Star Wars has risen from the ashes to reclaim the mantle of "Constant Science Fiction News" from Avatar.

Let's just continue this trend, shall we? Look at the picture above. Look at that poor man's face. Can you deny your pity? Can you toss an Imperial Credit or two his way? Look, we never take the time to examine the harsh economic realities of living in the Star Wars universe. The rebels have to find funding somehow. Things only get worse after the defeat of the Empire, when the entire galaxy is surely thrown into financial upheaval after the main governing force is suddenly wiped out.

Do only what you think is right. May the force be with you.

(Via Geekologie)
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