First James Bond is suspended and now this? What's becoming of our most dependable long-running franchises? Next Hollywood is going to tell me that 2007's Wisdom of Friends was indeed the final feature installment of the Land Before Time series. Bloody Disgusting learned via Twitter that Platinum Dunes' plans for a sequel to last year's Friday the 13thremake are "dead - not happening." So much for the attempt to reboot the franchise. For now, anyway. Producer Brad Fuller later confirmed to the horror website that "Right now there is no movement on Friday 13th: Part 2," which was previously expected to hit theaters this August (on Friday the 13th, of course), in 3D.

Coming from someone who isn't even a horror fan in the least, this is terrible news. Jason Voorhees is a character I grew up with, and like Santa Claus, Superman and other immortal icons of fiction I thought he'd just be a mainstay until storytelling itself ceased to exist. Of course, it's 100% unlikely that the property is done for good. And no matter how long the wait, a franchise like this won't have to be rebooted again. It can just continue as if nothing happened. Like how we choose to forget our least favorite sequels (Jason Takes Manhattan? Jason Goes to Hell?) and remain fans of the franchise as a whole.
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