The United Arab Emirates may be where eccentric billionaires spend their oil-fueled fortunes on enormous construction projects, but at least those enormous construction projects are as equally eccentric. Perhaps one of the coolest projects I've read about in the area is Masdar City, which is being heralded as "the world's first zero-carbon city". And how exactly are they planning on building a city that houses 50,000 people and keeping it carbon neutral? By taking a page from science fiction, of course.

Asylum has a great list of the innovations the city's forefathers plan to enact in order to achieve the remarkable feat. The goal starts with simple things, like the banning of automobiles. People in the city of the future will instead use an underground public transportation system that uses five-person pods as its means of transportation. The entirety of the city will also be enclosed within a giant wall designed to block the harsh desert winds that make the Gulf coast a tad bit toasty. One would also assume it will keep out radscorpions and deathclaws, but I haven't read any official word on that.

The most noteworthy aspect of Masdar City, though, is the fact that its citizens will be drinking recycled sweat. Specially designed moisture processors will transform human sweat, among other things, into a potable water source. Tasty.
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