The gentlemen are getting their hangovers on, the women are following, so it's only natural that the retirees want in on the drunken, debauched fun. According to Vulture, Jack Nicholson is circling CBS Films' LASt VEGAS (not a typo -- the title is a elderly gimmick), a film said to be the AARP version of The Hangover.

Penned by the very popular Dan Fogelman, the script centers on four men who were friends in the 1950s, but have become estranged in all the long decades since. They reunite in Las Vegas for the marriage of Billy, the last bachelor holdout of the bunch. That's the role Nicholson is eying. But the course of aged love never did run smoothly, and Billy falls for a lounge singer. Unfortunately, his friend Paddy also has his eye on her. Vulture has the first few lines of the script up if you'd like a pre-production spoiler.

The roles of the other three have yet to be cast, but Vulture is dreaming of Richard Jenkins, Morgan Freeman, and the retired Gene Hackman. If your memory is good, you might be thinking "But aren't Freeman and Nicholson already attached to something like this?" Well, you're half right! Freeman is attached to the very similar Dirty Old Men, a film that Warner Bros was hoping would be a Bucket List reunion. Is it possible to combine the two? We don't need that many dirty old men running around cracking wise about Viagra, and making trouble in Vegas.
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