George Mallory may have never come down from Mt. Everest (spoiler alert) but his attempts have gone down into legend as mountaineers have researched and debated whether or not he truly reached the summit. Even the discovery of his body in 1999 didn't put the questions to rest, and now the hunt continues for his Kodak camera to settle the summit question once and for all.

But Hollywood will undoubtedly take a side, as Variety reports that Mallory and his fateful climb are getting the big-screen treatment. Julia Roberts' Red Om Productions and Kevin Townsend's Science + Fiction are producing, and Shekhar Kapur has claimed the director's chair. Townsend, Matthew Faulk and Mark Skeet penned the script.

The film will begin in England, post World War I, and follow Mallory's determination to conquer Everest and "the toll it takes on his marriage as the mountain becomes his obsession." I don't know much about Mallory's personal life beyond his friendship with Robert Graves, so a reader will have to weigh in as to whether this is just romantic silliness. (I do know Mallory carried a photo of his wife in the hopes of placing it on the summit, but perhaps that was just the ultimate "I'm sorry!" gesture.) I have no doubt Kapur will play up this angle to the greatest extent possible, and employ all his dramatic symbolism. I can already see Everest's clouds swirling in, representing emotional turmoil and English politics before a candle or a torch is violently snuffed out. At least it will probably feature some breathtaking scenery.
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