Laserblast is a film that I love dearly... despite the fact that it isn't much good. The movie is about a kid named Billy (Kim Milford, the poor-man's Mark Hamill) who finds an extra-terrestrial gun in the desert. The gun gives weakling Billy the chance to get revenge on the people who make fun of him - a group which includes a senile old man, two local cops, and a nerd (Eddie Deezen). Too bad for Billy the gun can only be used by putting on a magical necklace that changes its wearer into a crazed zombie-esque mutant.

But Billy isn't the reason I dig this movie (in fact I find his performance fairly tedious to sit through). Nope, I love Laserblast for its female co-star: Cheryl "Rainbeaux" Smith. Rainbeaux is one of my favorite actresses, and even though this movie was made shortly before she lost her career due to heroin addiction, her innate charm shines through in every frame. To me, Rainbeaux is an actress who was always a true joy to watch.

A semi-interesting bit of trivia: Laserblast was one of the first films to name-check Star Wars. There's a scene where a cop describes a local boy by saying "He's nuts... seen Star Wars five times!", and another where Billy uses his gun to blow up a Star Wars billboard. Fairly fast turnaround, considering that Star Wars and Laserblastwere released only 10 months apart.

Click through for a look at the film's Swedish VHS cover art, which basically is just a reworking of its US one-sheet.
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