There are films that just don't want to be made, and This Means War appears to be one of them. It's been in the works at Fox since 1998, naturally suffering through numerous rewrites and casting changes. It first appeared on our radar when McG grabbed onto its director's chair with both hands, and Reese Witherspoon convinced Bradley Cooper to be one corner of her love triangle. Then Cooper dropped out, reportedly due to concerns over the material, but War didn't give up. Oh no!

The Wrap reports that War may finally, finally have its two male leads. Apparently, a lot of big names were tossed out -- hot commodities such as Robert Downey Jr. and Matt Damon -- but it's likely you will see Chris Pine and Seth Rogen destroying their lifelong friendship for the love of Witherspoon. Fox is reportedly still tinkering with the script. Timothy Dowling's incarnation featured two spies who decided to fight to the death; now the ante has been upped and New York landmarks will be leveled in the name of love.

Pine is a natural choice for this kind of role. It's a rule that handsome up-and-comers have to do a few romcoms, even if they are Captain of the Starship Enterprise. But Rogen is surprising, as he's not an action type or a pin-up, even with The Green Hornetunder his belt. (And rumors are swirling at IESB that Hornet isn't so hot. We'll see!) But maybe he'll change his image with another try, provided War doesn't finally give up the ghost. It has been ten years.
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